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Grab our reliable, safe & appealing Packaging Boxes, Packaging Corrugated Boxes & Corrugated Board Boxes, Display Corrugated Box, Material at reasonable rates....

About Us

Today, every field of manufacturing company requires packaging boxes & material to safely store & deliver their products. And in this era, Eco-friendly & biodegradable products have way more demands in the market. For which, we at Anchor Standard Enterprises are responsibly bringing a vast range of products, which holds the potential to exceed customers' expectations every time. By working as a manufacturer & supplier we are aiming to serve the whole world with our superior quality of products & services. The range of products we offer includes Corrugated Board BoxesKraft Corrugated Boards, Pizza Corrugated Boxes, Universal Corrugated Boxes, Display Corrugated Boxes and many more.

Our organization is well focused on promoting corrugated packaging products that can potentially replace the non-environmental friendly products from the market. Our products are manufactured with wood pulp, which is economical, biodegradable & recyclable. With this, our company is cementing its respectful name globally and becoming the one-stop provider for unique quality of products as well as material.   

We are blessed with a team of specialized designers, R & D, marketing, etc. who understand the market requirement accurately and work in a direction to meet them accordingly. And, we have a production unit in around 10,000 sq. ft. which makes our team highly prolific and resourceful. Through all this, we have sustained our progressive growth in the market, which we will carry forever.

Our Vision

The Vision is simply to promote & uplift the value & availability, respectively, of Eco-friendly corrugated boxes in the market, while providing outstanding quality to customers with value for money & timely servicing. 

Our Mission

The mission of our company is divided in three elements:
  • Innovation "To continuously introduce a better and much reliable concept in packaging.
  • Integrity "To sustain optimal business process management & deliver expected customer services.
  • Inclusiveness "To stay valuable for customers without compromising with social responsibilities, while generating profits & revenues.
Social Responsibilities

Today, we have earned MSME & ISO Certification due to the quality that we offer. The social responsibilities of our company mainly focus upon environment cleanliness & safety. Therefore, we produce a range of products such as Display Corrugated Boxes, Pizza Corrugated Boxes, Universal Corrugated Boxes, Kraft Corrugated Boards, etc. that are Reusable, Reducible & Recyclable.

Our Strength

In our journey of almost six years, the noted strengths of our organization include:
  • Quick turn around time & on time delivery
  • Competitive pricing & well trained staff
  • Adhering to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Work Place Cleanliness, Positivity & Productivity
  • Compliance with ethical standards & not promote child laboring